I made an appointment for a 4 hand massage not really knowing what to expect. Well let me tell you, it was the best massage thus far, what I liked about it was it was continuous.  One person on your legs and another on your upper torso. Not that disjointedness when there is just one.  And Andy and Bryan are two men who know what they are doing.  My experience was noteworthy and deserving of a repeat performance.  You all need to give them a try, you will not be disappointed, you will be rejuvenated and wanting more.


As a person who is new to massage, the bar was set very high with the incredible 4 hand massage I experienced. A perfect combination of relaxing & therapeutic... I felt AMAZING after my time on the table. HIGHLY recommended to all. My body felt renewed & ready for my next week. I'm making it a priority to return and let my body be pampered & restored by these masterful hands.  
I experienced one of the most strenuous, sensual and relaxing massages I have had in a very long time under Bryan's magic touch. I look forward to enjoying the 4 hand massage soon.

Theresa Sosa
Bryan and Andy were amazing, they work well together, I left feeling like a marshmallow... probably the best massage I have ever experienced.

Dave S
WOW. What can I say to let everyone out there know that Bryan and Andy are the very best. I look forward to enjoying another 4 hand massage soon.

Upon entering Bryan and Andy's location they made me feel comfortable right off the bat. The atmosphere was wonderful. Warm,low lighting & soft music playing.Not having a 4 handed massage before I did not know what to expect. When they started my mind was a little confused with two sets of hands on my body. After I got used to it I was in heaven. The stretching and massage at the same time was wonderful. After awhile I just relaxed and let the moment happen. I will definetly return & soon. Thanks guys!

Wes Nelson
Just left from having a 4 hand massage. What a great way to end a very stressful day. I feel like I will be able to sleep for the first time in months. I am so relaxed. When they say they will rub, strecth your entire body they mean just that. And having 4 hands on your body is so erotic.

John Diehl
My first 4 hand massage was nothing like I expected. I really thought it would be much like a two handed massage but I was very mistaken. The amount of work that was done in an hour was amazing. At times I almost felt like I was floating above the table an inch. The combination of massage and stretching was the best body work I think I have ever had. Both guys were I don't recomend services very often but when I do it is because of an experience like I had yesterday. Fantastic!
Glenn Grube
I had a four handed session with Andy and Bryan and it was the best massage I have ever had. I have had a number of massages and this was the best. Their comment about leaving the mind confused but relaxed is true Having four hands rubbing at the same time confuses the mind but also caused me to relax. The breathing and stretching exercises help to make me relax. When in Salt Lake City and needed a relaxing session, give theese two gentlement a call.

Joe S
One of the best massages I have ever received. You definitely need to go for the 4 handed massage. These guys are so in sync with their hands it's amazing. I was so relaxed during and especially after. 

Jack Bogdin
What can I say about the 4-handed massage. Bryan and Andy made me feel so relaxed I did not want to get off the table. The techniques they used were awesome. This was my first time for the 4-handed massage and definitely won't be my last. You have to be comfortable when getting a massage, not only with yourself but the one providing the massage. Let me tell you, these two guys are awesome. You just find yourself slowly drifting away into total relaxation and the stretching techniques can't be described. The next day after, I feel so relaxed and great about myself. I strongly recommend you give Bryan and Andy a chance to work on you. You definitely won't be disappointed. Thanks guys!

Shane P
I would like to thank Bryan and Andy for an amazing massage! I had never received a 4 handed massage before and I hope I never have to have just 2 hands again! I told them at the time of my massage that Bryan was working hard on providing what my body needs and Andy was providing the soothing touch we all want out of a massage. What I didn't know was how much the stretching helped my body! Bryan you are a true artist at what you do and I appreciate everything more now (4 days later) than I did at the time. It was truly amazing, I only wish I could have wrapped up and slept on the massage table for a couple of hours. I was more relaxed and comfortable than I had been in months! Thank you again for making me a believer in body therapy! You guys are awesome and I cannot wait to see you again! Shane

Sharon Tuttle
I have had a massage from Bryan and it was wonderful. He is right it is different he takes the time to stretch you out all while soft calm music is on in near darkness to make it much more relaxing.  I love getting massages and Bryan is by far the best person I have had give me a message

Paul Simon
I have seen Bryan four or five times, and have retained his services to give him as a gift to friends and family - who say the same thing: Considerate, Accommodating, Punctual, Professional, but more importantly, a man with intuitive hands, that sense the exact spot and what it needs in order to rejuvenate. I am so trusting and comfortable with Bryan, there comes a point in each session that he has gotten me to a point of utter relaxation that I can and have, fallen to sleep. I never feel rushed, leaving a new person ¿ refreshed and without any muscle tension.

Let me start by saying that I have been getting massages for more than 25 years and a firm believer that massage along with exercise and proper diet has helped me keep my high blood pressure in line. I had my first massage by Bryan about a year ago and was quite surprised by his technique. I remember thinking during the massage that he had me working during the massage. Unlike other massages I have received in the past, he had me stretching. Don't get me wrong, he also massaged my muscles and brought my entire body to a complete relaxed state. Bryan's knowledge of the body, professionalism, touch and comforting voice made me feel completely comfortable which in turn allowed me to let go of my stress and thoroughly enjoy my session. With this said, I have been been getting weekly massages from Bryan ever since. I feel great!! Just try it!!
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