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Tandem 4 Hand Massage

Bryan and Andy have over 11 years working together providing their Signature Massage.

Using both synchronized and asynchronized strokes is what sets our Tandem session apart from others.  The combination of strokes creates balance, yin and yang, so to speak, while providing maximum therapeutic benefit.

On-Site Chair Massage

Great way to improve office moral and increase productivity.   Chair massage is a quick rejuvinating massage to help releive stress, tension and brain fog. 

Available on-site in your office.  Also available for Trade Shows, Conferences, Sporting Events, Health Fairs or Corporate and Private holiday parties. 

Therapeutic Massage

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Content Coming Soon!

Couples Massage

Share  a  massage experience with your partner or friend.  A perfect way to introduce massage to a friend who has never experienced a massage.  Choose from either a side by side therapudic session or our Tandem 4 Hand session,  performed back to back with both therapist working together on each of you.  Either way, a wonderful massage and a great way to spend quality time together.

Mobile Massage

Mobile Massage Services are available in your hotel room, home or office for a minimal surcharge.  All massages are performed on a  professional massage table.   Massages are never performed on a bed due to possible muscle  hyper extension injury to both client and therapist.

As  a special offering for clients who UBER/LYFT to our location we will provide a ride back to your hotel, home or office  at no charge.

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Other Services

✔ Tandem Massage (4 hand massage)
✔ Therapeutic/Swedish Massage
✔ Couple Therapeutic/Swedish Massage
✔ Mobile Massage
✔ Sports Massage
✔ Deep Tissue Massage
✔ Acupressure
✔ Myofascial Release
✔ Thai
✔ Cupping