Revitalize Your Body and Mind: Unleashing Wellness Through Expert Massage Services 

Whether you seek a rejuvenating massage or you want to reach a deeper state of relaxation with our Signature Tandem 4 hand Massage or any other of our comprehensive services to enhance your Health and Well being please contact us

4-Hands, 2 Therapists working 1 Body let it be yours!


 Stress-Relieving Sessions

Experience double the bodywork and triple the healing properties in our 60 or 90-minute Tandem 4-hand massage. As four hands create a blissfully confused state, your mind relaxes, releasing cortisol, melting tension, and reducing anxiety. The result is heightened euphoria, improved circulation, and lowered blood pressure, providing an unmatched sense of well-being in each session.

Corporate Wellness Benefits

Implementing chair massages enhances employee well-being and influences company morale, productivity, and retention by relieving stress, improving sleep, and reducing blood pressure.

On-Site Sports Event Massage Excellence

Whether it's Softball or Tennis Tournaments, our skilled therapists set up a canopy and tables, and we provide massage sessions to injured and non-injured players. Keep bodies warm and flexible during long tournament days, ensuring peak performance.

 Studio Sessions: Towel Sterilization and Muscle Relief

Our therapists use a towel warmer with UV light to sterilize towels, providing a hygienic experience. Our towel warmer, utilizing UV light, sterilizes towels used to wipe off excess oil. Following that, hot towels are strategically placed on areas of chronic tension, offering profound muscle relief and ensuring a profound sense of well-being.

Our Services

Revive Your Work Environment with Massage Chairs

Transform your workplace ambiance and prioritize employee well-being with our on-site massage chairs. Combat the adverse effects of stress and anxiety, boost circulation, and enhance immune function. By releasing stress-relieving endorphins, our massage chairs create an immediate sense of well-being, fostering a more energized, productive, and profitable environment.

Physical Well-being: Experience relief from muscle tension, pain, and headaches while fostering lower blood pressure.

Productivity Boost: Boost energy levels, enhance sleep quality, and fortify the immune system for improved focus and mental clarity.

Workplace Impact: Attain measurable benefits for employers, stimulating creative thinking and fostering goal achievement.

Employee Wellness: Diminish absenteeism, minimize worker compensation payouts, and cultivate positive office morale to reduce staff turnover and healthcare costs.

Our Program

We aim to support your company in maintaining a competitive edge by prioritizing the well-being and health of your staff. As certified and insured massage therapists, we bring a professional massage chair to your workplace, providing comfortable seating in an upright, forward-facing position. With no oils or lotions, each individual receives 10-20 minutes of stress and tension-relieving bodywork while remaining fully clothed. We ensure a clean-up after the session, leaving your office re-energized, happy, and ready to tackle the day.

Our Services Include:

Feel the Body offers a special Signature massage like no other!  

A Tandem (4-hand) massage that provides a unique relaxing experience. With 15 years of collaborative expertise, our seamless synchronization sets us apart.

Operating as a cohesive unit, we are always available to book, ensuring a no-fuss experience for our clients.

Our technique, pressure, and movements have been perfected over the years, leaving clients astonished at our identical precision.  It is as if we are performing a choreographed dance upon your body with movements and pressure so similar making it almost impossible to determine who is doing what and on which side,  The mind can only focus on one set of hands and will eventually give up trying, which allows you to reach a deeper state of relaxation.  This is pure bliss and why this is the ultimate massage experience.   You will not be disappointed,  This massage will spoil you.

Whether indulging in our Tandem (4-hand)Massage or our Swedish/Therapeutic Massage we focus on providing a secure and professional space, making us the go-to choice for individuals seeking the epitome of relaxation and well-being.

Explore Our Relaxing Wellness Services

Embark on a wellness journey with our diverse range of massage treatments, body scrubs, cupping, and specialized services designed to revitalize your body and mind.

Indulge in a sanctuary of relaxation with massage treatments tailored to your needs.

Starting with our most requested

Signature Service Tandem  "4- Hand" Massage: Reach a deep state of relaxation that some say is "otherworldly, like having an out of body experience,"

leaving them blissfully confused yet comfortably calm. 

Swedish/Therapeutic Massage:  Relaxing massage using a combination of long flowing strokes with kneading and tapoment to releave both physical and mental tension, improve blood circulation and range of motion 

Couples Massage Treatments: Enrich and Strengthen your relationship with your partner or friend through a shared experience.

Mobile Massage Treatments: Experience the luxury of a professional massage in the comfort of your chosen location, bringing tranquility to your doorstep.

Cupping: Discover the benefitial healing art of cupping, promoting improved circulation and relieving tension for a revitalized body.

Body Scrub - Add-On Treatment: Enhance your massage experience with our invigorating custom blended Pink Himalayan salt scrub blended with honey and essential oils leaving your skin revitalized.

Body Scrub (Without Massage): Treat your skin to a solo indulgence with our standalone body scrub, leaving you with a radiant and smooth complexion.

Manscaping: Unleash confidence with our manscaping service, expertly tailored to groom and refine your style. (Men only)

We offer Massage Therapy and Bodywork Treatments for men across San Diego, Palm Springs, Sacramento, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles County, Orange County, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, St. George, Phoenix, Tucson, Denver, Colorado Springs, Jacksonville, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and the surrounding areas.