On- Site Chair Massage 

So if you're looking to reward employees for reaching goals to motivate the office to complete a project deadline or feel the need to help ease office tension, or you hear employees complaining about tight muscles, or headaches or notice a spike in absent employees,  take the time and invest in their health.   Improve the overall health of your office by booking 10-15 minute chair massage sessions for each employee.

You may decide to have a party at your home but want to give your guests a unique experience - hire us to work during your house party or event.  We bring the Chairs, set them up, and provide your guests with ten or fifteen minutes of work on the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands. The great thing about chair massage is that no undressing and no oils or lotions are needed. 

We are Both Certified Holistic Health Practitioners of Massage Therapy & bodywork.  We provide professional massage chairs, and additional associates are available for larger events requiring more than two Therapists. 

Also available for:

Fund Raisers
Sporting events - Tennis Tournaments