Our Massage Sessions

Bryan has been doing massage for over 20 years in Southern California and Salt Lake City including the Ski areas of Park City and Snowbird.   In 2009 Bryan began doing Tandem 4 Hand Massages with Andy .  Together we created the ultimate massage experience.

Our tandem massage is truly a wonderful and soothing experience with two different sensations happening at the same time your body and mind won't know what sensation to focus on. This allows the mind and body to go even deeper into a meditative state of bliss.

Both of us are certified Holistic Health Practitioners in Integrated Bodywork.

If you’re in the San Diego area, reach out to us!  Also sometimes available in Orange and Los Angeles Counties as well as Palm Springs,  San Francisco, Phoinex, Tucson, Las Vegas, St George,  Salt Lake City and Jacksonville Florida.  We always have our massage table with us when we are on the road.

Call/text today or book online to schedule your appointment!